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Get an 18-month guarantee on all pool step repairs, ensuring lasting satisfaction and peace of mind.

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With over a decade of expertise in pool step repairs and a track record of satisfied clients, Perfect Pool Steps is your premier destination for all your pool step repair needs. Serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Southern Ontario, we specialize in restoring and refinishing damaged or cracked pool steps to like-new condition.

Our dedicated technicians are seasoned specialists, committed to ensuring the safety and impeccable appearance of your pool stairs, allowing you to enjoy your pool season without concerns. Say goodbye to hefty expenses for new stairs; we provide affordable pool step repair and refinishing services, backed by professional expertise and warranty coverage.

Ice Damage Repair

Pool Step Refurbishment

Ice Damage Repair

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At Perfect Pool Steps, we pride ourselves on offering affordable pricing for pool step repairs and refinishing, coupled with reliable, specialized service. We provide additional support for your pool steps and utilize high-quality materials for repairs, ensuring longevity. Additionally, we employ a patented coating that rejuvenates your pool stairs, leaving them looking brand new. Whether dealing with cracked, damaged or discoloured pool steps, rest assured, that we possess the expertise and experience to make them ‘perfect.’

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A few types of Pool Step Repair

Bullnose Repair

Bullnose repair on pool steps involves fixing or rebuilding the rounded edge at the front and top of the stairs, known as the bullnose. This repair process ensures the step’s safety and aesthetics, preserving the overall integrity of the pool step structure.

Ice Damage

Perfect Pool Steps can repair sidewall damage around jets on your pool steps. In addition, old and unsightly jets that are no longer functioning can be removed and patched over to smoothly match the rest of your stairs, giving a more clean modern look.

Jet Repair

Harsh Canadian winters can wreak havoc on your pool steps. Cracks and damage on the sidewall of your pool steps can be repaired and reinforced ensuring that your steps are structurally strong and not losing water. Your steps will look and feel like new.


This process looks at your concerns and addresses the root cause of your issues. From re-supporting stairs from underneath, repairing cracks and chips, to removing blisters and covering crazing. This process will have your stairs structurally sound and looking fantastic.

Cracked tread

This procedure involves repairing any surface cracks, and providing additional support where necessary. This repair will improve the overall strength of the tread and the safety of your pool stairs, as well as add years to the life of your pool steps.

The Perfect Pool Steps Advantage

When you choose to work with Perfect Pool Steps, you’re connecting directly with the business owner, Mike. With extensive experience and knowledge in pool step repairs, Mike is committed to delivering reliable and courteous service that is unmatched elsewhere. He will guide you through the entire process to ensure your pool stairs are restored to their former glory, leaving you delighted with the results.

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Mike Griffin, Owner of Perfect Pool Steps

Your Trusted Partner for Pool Step Repair and Restoration!

Meet Mike, the dedicated owner of Perfect Pool Steps. With a family of his own, Mike appreciates the importance of quality workmanship and brings this commitment to excellence to every project. Mike ensures that each client receives the utmost respect and professionalism, guiding them seamlessly from the initial quoting process to the completion of work and meticulous cleanup. 

Specializing in effective and enduring pool step repair and refinishing solutions, Mike and his team tailor their services to meet the specific needs of each customer. When you choose to entrust us with your pool step repair and refinishing needs, you can rest assured of transparent communication, expert service, and exceptional outcomes.

Reach out to Mike and his team for a complimentary quote!

Experience peace of mind with our commitment to quality. We offer an 18-month guarantee on all pool step repairs, ensuring lasting satisfaction.

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